JOD Rakshak


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Get Relief from pain, healing your joints – JOD RAKSHAKÂ Â

A joint pain reliever, which heals your joints and muscular pain with miraculous herbs, is now available at Alliaance Biotech. We believe in delivering high end products and JOD RAKSHAK illustrates the standard of manufacturing and processing. With 100% natural ingredients, it is the safest and the most cost effective solution to fight body pains including those of joints, muscles and arthritic and much more.

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What makes it different? Â Â Â

Joint pain is nothing new, and same is the case with its medications. With growing number of pharmaceutical companies, a wide range of pain relievers are also available. While some of them are formed using certain unhealthy chemicals, on the other hand those manufactured through natural process are highly expensive.

Cutting down on both the hitches, Alliaance Biotech promises you to bring the best and natural product, JOD RAKSHAK, that too at affordable cost.

  • It consists of the best natural herbs like Shudhguggul, Shilajit and Ashwagndha.
  • It is manufactured using safe and certified processes.
  • It is a perfect solution comprising of modern production technology and the most innovative quality

What can JOD RAKSHAK do?

Assuring you 100% quality, Alliaance Biotech delivers trustworthy natural herbal remedies. Here is a list of benefits, JOD RAKSHAK has to offer:

  • Complete treatment of ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • A perfect solution for weak joint flexibility.
  • Regain the lost joint mobility.
  • Build up the weak muscles and ligaments.
  • Minimizes inflammation and joint pain.
  • With reduction in pain, it also boosts bone and joints strength.
  • Controls cholesterol and body weight.

It is a one stop solution and you cannot keep yourself away from it.
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Prof.(Dr.) G.D Gupta

Dr. Gupta(Director-cum-member Secretary, ASBASJSM College of Pharmacy) shares his personal experience and expert reviews about our Patented product – Jod Rakshak!

Shiv Kumar Gupta

Being a golf lover at heart, and now a poultry farm owner, my routine involves a lot of physical activities. Back in 1992 I got operated and after that I was suffering from joint pain. However, after using JOD RAKSHAK I feel more active and lead a pain free life. Now I can run and yes, play my favorite game- Golf. I am really happy with the results.

Shushma Gupta

For a housewife there is a list of work to do daily, that too without a leave. Few months back I started feeling tired and felt pain in my joints. Discussing with my friends, I came to know about the natural treatment of pain- JOD RAKSHAK. After using it for few months, I observed a greater and better change in my pain. It really worked for me. Pain is nowhere to be found. I am more active than before.

Parveen Garg

One of the most amazing things which happened to me after using JOD Rakshak is that I am no more dependent on my knee cap. Yes, now I can walk upstairs, practice yoga, and do much more that too without any help. I was in severe pain for more than 4 years. But from the time I am using JOD RAKSHAK regularly, pain just vanished!