Sugar Rakshak

UVA Capsules for Stamina and Endurance

Gurmar Extracts

  • Reputed as “Sugar Destroyer Herb” in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.
  • Good Prospects in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Shows positive effects on blood sugar homoestasis.
  • Controls sugar cravings and promotes regeneration of pancreas.
  • Reduces body weight,blood cholestrol and triglyceride levels.

Jamun Giri

  • Before the discovery of insulin, was a frontline antidiabetic medication even in europe.
  • Blood glucose lowering effect is due to increased secretion of insulin from the pancreasand by inhibition of insulin degradration.
  • Lipid lowering effect due to reduction of blood cholestrol,triglycerides and free fatty acids.
  • Decreases activity of enzyme 3-HMG Co-A reductase in liver.
  • Reduces Blood pressure due to ellagic acid present in it.

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