Quality Control

“Alliaance Biotech…your partner in quality…the name you can trust.”

Alliaance is a young and growing pharmaceutical company with a mission to provide innovative healthcare products and top quality contract manufacturing services. Everyone at Alliaance constantly strives to achieve higher and higher levels of quality, customer satisfaction and professional ethical business practices.

Quality Assurance

We have established an integrated quality assurance system and have been certified with ISO 9001:2008 by TRANSPACIFIC CERTIFICATIONS LTD (TCL), ASSESSMENT REGISTER, India with validation of equipment, processes and analytical methods as an integral part of our activities.

Full Fledge QA and QC facilities are provided. All necessary equipment for In Process Testing will be provided. Full fledged Q.C. Testing is being setup. The Testing Facility available are:

CYBERLAB, USA. Microprocessor controlled advanced series isocratic HPLC system:

  • Fibre Optic Technology
  • Programmable Digital Pump – GLP version
  • Back it flurocent 2 line LCD display
  • Flow range : 0.001-10.000 ml/min
  • Maintenance log function
  • Low pressure & high pressure gradient upgradeability without need for additional controller
  • Suitable for low pressure single pump Qualernary gradient up to solvent
  • Suitable for high pressure Graduent up to three pumps
  • Automatic purge for easy change over of mobile phase
  • Unique “System Protech” Function
  • 23 Auxiliary functions available Multiple Point Control
  • Built-in Self-diagnostics
  • Extensive Validation & Productivity Capabilities.

Multi-Dimensional UV-VIS Dual Wavelength Programmable Spectrophotometric Detector (Shimadzu):

  • Wavelength Range 190-700nm
  • Spectacular low noise level of +/-0.25*10-5 au max
  • GLP version with log Details / Password Calibration
  • Similtaneous Dual Wavelength Measurement
  • Automatic Wavelength Re-connection.
  • Ratio Chroatogram for Peak Purify Determination
  • Wavelength Programming
  • Wavelength Scanning Feature
  • Wavelength Reproducibility 0.1nm
  • Long life d2 lamp (200hrs.mn.)
  • Time Management of Lamp Usage
  • Inclusive of Flow Thru Cell of 8u capacity with 10mm Patch Length
  • Built in Leak Sensor as a Safety Feature
  • Extensive Validation & Productivity (VP) Capabilities

Injector & Accessories Consist of:

  • 7725I Rheodine Injector with 2001 loop with Automatic Starl
  • Injector Mounting Plate
  • 25ul Hamilton Injector Syringe

Coloumn From Phenomenex, USA. :

  • Phenomenx Luna cf-13 (2) column
  • Size 250 mm*4.6mm I.D
  • Particle size 5 um

Windows based Chromotography Workstation Software :

  • High GLP Compliance
  • 2 bit workstation 21 CFR Part it
  • Run on window XP 200m, ME & 98
  • Has Audit Frail Function
  • Data security & built in Qualification Tools
  • Multi Tasking Facility
  • System Suitability Test
  • User friendly graphic Interferancde, many more features.Quality one unit

PC Based double beam UV Visible Spectohotometer “SYSTRONIC” :

  • Spectral band width= better than 1nm. (190-900nm)
  • Wavelength range=190.0 to 1100.0nm.
  • Wavelength accuracy +0.3 nm.
  • Wavelength repeatability +0.1nm.
  • Photometric range = absorbance -0.5-3abs
  • Transmittance 0.0 -300%
  • Photometric accuracy = +0.004 abs at 1.0abs
  • Tested with NIST 930D filter. +0.002abs at 0.5 abs
  • Photometric repeatability = +0.001abs at 0.5abs +0.002abs at 1.0abs
  • Photometric system = Double beam optics.
  • Quantity one unit

Analytical Balance – Shinko, Japan

Double Door Autoclave – SENTWIN

BOD Incubator – SENTWIN

Digital Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus “SENTWIN”

Microprocessor based sophisticated eight stations unit with built in test programs. On-line temperature and speed indicators /controllers with many latest advanced features. As per usp standards.

Quantity one unit.

Tablet Friability Test Apparatus “SENTWIN”

Microprocessor based unit with double drums

Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus “SENTWIN”

Microprocessor based instrument with Automatic dispenser for reagent. Calculates Moisture in mgs. Percentage & PPM of water. Printer socket provided to connect printer but without printer.

Quantity one unit.

Incubator Bacteriological “SENTWIN”

Temperature up to 65c with sensitivity + 0.5c. Electrically Operated on 220v. Single phase 50cy ac mains. Inner chamber made of Aluminum.

Size of the inner chamber = 15″ *18″.

Thin layer Chromotography Apparatus with UV box

“UNIQUE” Drawing board made of Aluminium, Applicater with 8 pcs. Each glass plate 5*20cm. 10*20cm & sprayer with rubber below, glass developing chamber, Micro Pippete, template, silica gel along with uv box having one short, one long & one ordinary tube will be provided.

Water Bath “UNIQUE”

High Precission, Thermostatic with stirring. Inner chamber made of S.S. & outer made of M.A. duly spray painted. Accuracy +/- 1c.


  • A) 12″ * 8″ *6″ quantity one unit
  • B) 16″ *10″ * 8″ quantity one unit

Polarimeter 220mm “UNIQUE”

The instrument complete with both angular & sugar scales accuracy of .2c & .5c by I.S.S. & estimation finely marked scale with very smooth movements even with dense liquid for testing sugar solution & other optically active liquid. Operated on 230v. Ac mains 50cy ac mains with Lamp & Choke for above with Sodium Lamp Assembly.

Leak Foil Test Apparatus “SENTWIN”

Complete with vacuum pump. Single stage 25ltr. With Torsen Plastic desicater 8″. Complete 1/4 hp motor.

Tablet Hardness Tester “SENTWIN”

Monsante type.

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus “SENTWIN”

Single Baskets unit with Water Bath.

Muffle Furnace “SENTWIN”

Maximum Temperature 1000c & working Temperature 900c. Size of the inner chamber 4″ * 4″ * 9″. Rating 2 kw.

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate 100 Kgms
Ovens 4*2*2 30″
Incubator 2*2*2 750 Litres
Ph Meter 3 No. 400 Litres
Conductivity Meter 120 Kgms.
Glass Apparatus 50 Kgms.
Laminar Air Flow 2*2 24 Trays
Vacuum Pump Oil Free