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What is the business of Alliaance Biotech?

Alliaance Biotech manufactures a range of herbal health formulations with standardized herbal extracts. The company has a standing of over 10 years in herbal health and has serviced the need of pharmaceutical companies, nutritionists, manufacturers of food and beverages, besides other specialty formulators. We have a range of herbal products all with 100% effectiveness.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

No standard course of treatment is there and the number of sessions you will need greatly depends on your health condition and current symptoms. Also, the severity of your condition and how your condition improves with the treatment makes a lot of difference.

Your health practitioner will assess your improvement regularly throughout the treatment to give you an idea about the length of treatment you will need. Some herbs may take longer to have an effect on the body, so you might not see the progress in your condition for weeks or months. Consider this information when thinking about the cost of your treatment.

Should I tell my physician about my herbal medicines?

Yes, you should! Because your doctor is your primary health partner in managing your health, you should convince him/her to receive herbal information respectfully. Don’t be surprised in telling your doctor of your decision to use an herbal product and share your knowledge and comfort with your herbal medicines. But, at the same time, remember that your physician has a responsibility to safely supervise your use of any prescription drugs. If he/she is concerned that any pharmaceutical substance might interact with your herbal product, it is judicious to accept such advice.

Is herbal medicine similar to homeopathy?

There is only one similarity between the two – both herbal medicine and homeopathy use herbs in their remedies. However, there is a lot difference in the philosophy and general approach to the treatment. While homeopathy uses much diluted medicines, herbalism uses the whole herb. There is hardly any pharmacologically active ingredient in a homeopathic plant medicine.

On the other hand, herbal remedies contain active plant constituents that are very effective on the body. The range of all the herbs in the herbal remedy work collectively to help the body return to normal function.

What is the research supporting herbal medicine?

Literally, there are innumerable years of research and recorded practice with uncountable documentation of their effectiveness and clinical safety. With all the emerging modern scientific research on herbalism, we have an incredible store of information to utilize in clinical practice. Effectiveness of herbal medicines is a direct indication to appropriate intake, frequency and selection of herb. This makes it important to work in partnership with a qualified herbalist so as to get right dosing information and to have herbs custom selected for you in a tailored way.

What are herbal medicines?

Herbal Medicines or Herbalism is a medical system based on the preparations from the plant and plant extracts that can be used to treat various ailments.
Prevalent since ancient times, herbal medicines are far more effective than the modern medicines as they work directly the root cause and not the effects. Herbalism has been used by many different cultures throughout the world in various forms to treat ailments and to assist bodily functions.

Do herbal products need to be stored in the refrigerator?

No! Herbs made properly can be stored away from heat and light. But, if you live in a hot and humid climate, store your herbal products in the refrigerator. Also, to protect them from the refrigerator’s light, place them in a brown paper bag. Do not store your herbal products in your car or anywhere with extreme heat.

Also, never directly heat your herbal liquids. Herbs are heat-sensitive and should not be added to anything hot unless recommended.


Can I take my herbs with my other medications?

This is tough to answer as it completely depends on the patient and the disease. It’d best if you consult a licensed medical physician, who is familiar with the herbs or any experienced naturopathic physician. No doctor can advise upon this in the absence of scientific research using pharmaceutical drugs and herbs together. However, usually doctors or physicians recommended using one or the other therapy alone as the best.

How soon can we expect to notice the benefits of an herbal product?

Although, the benefits of certain herbs can be observed within a short time, others are more subtle and provide their health promoting benefits slowly. For example, we can feel the soothing effect of ginger or peppermint leaf tea almost as we drink the brew. Also, the sense of well-being resulting from the use of kava root is manifested in only a short time when using a well manufactured product.

Other herbs are likely to produce noticeable benefits after several days or weeks. For example, studies show that the benefits of palmetto berries, which are used to promote the health of the prostate, can be achieved after 12 to 18 months. Other herbs, such as those rich in antioxidants, work to improve your health without a noticeable effect.

How soon can we expect to notice the benefits of an herbal product?

Are herbs safe?

Yes, herbs are completely safe. Plants that relish comprehensive culinary and therapeutic usage are generally safe. You can make your food even tastier by adding number of herbs and make it healthier too. For example, adding 2-3 leaves of ‘Tulsi’ while preparing tea not only adds a flavor to it but it becomes a cure of various ailments like cough and cold or allergies. While, a few herbs may cause allergies and reactions that are widely used in foods, such individual concerns are also seen with several foods, and do not moderate the safety profile of the herbs that are generally recognized as safe.
Are herbs safe?

Why should I use herbal products?

This decision completely varies upon once choice. However, there are many good reasons to consider herbal products over other medications. The best reason is that herbs and herbal products provide real health benefits and maintains a remarkable safety profile. This is the reason behind their widespread popularity since years. Natural substances, which were readily available, were the first medicines used by humans. Not only this, all our primitive and ancient civilizations throughout the world have relied on herbs because of their effectiveness. In fact, WHO (World Health Organization) has estimated that 80% of the world’s population still use the traditional therapies as their primary health care tools.

What medications affect blood sugar level?

Although medications offer instant relief in various ailments but they do cause certain side-effects, disturbance in blood sugar being the common. This is a concern if you are a patient of diabetes. Whenever you visit a doctor, make sure they know about all the medicines, vitamins, or herbal supplements you take. A few medications that can affect your blood sugar level include Barbiturates (for controlling anxiety and depression), Corticosteroids (for treating severe asthma, organ transplant, cystic fibrosis), Birth control pills (oral contraceptive) and progesterone, Catecholamines (made by adrenaline glands), Decongestants ( contains beta-adrenergic agents), B vitamin niacin, asthma medicines, nicotinic acid etc.


How safe is the usage of Sugar Rakshak?

Sugar Rakshak is a product made by natural ingredients – Jamun Giri and Gurmar Extracts. Both of these ingredients are well-known and effective natural herbs that are being used since ages, even by the sages and scholars for treating various health problems. The use of these herbal compositions in making Sugar Rakshak ensures its nontoxicity, making it 100% safe to use.

Therefore, with no doubt in mind, one can use Sugar Rakshak in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol and curing diabetes effectively, without worrying about any side-effects. Sugar Rakshak is a great solution to your problem of BP, blood sugar, and body weight.


Does Sugar Rakshak have any side effects?

No. Sugar Rakshak is completely free from side-effects. Since it is made up of natural ingredients like gurmar extracts and jamin giri, there are no side or hidden effects to your body. Sugar Rashak ensures 100% effective results in controlling you diabetes, blood sugar level. In addition to this, it also decreases activity of enzyme 3-HMG Co-A reductase in liver, reduces Blood pressure due to the presence of ellagic acid, reduces body weight, blood cholesterol and triglyceride level also.

Other than these benefits, Sugar Rakshak is very cost-effective.


What is the best Medicine for Blood sugar control?

The market is flooded today with various natural and allopathic medications. All they offer is a relief in diabetes. However, many of them leave you with several side-effects that cause further health issues.

We believe Ayurveda has always been significant in treating human ailments. As such, to control blood sugar, Sugar Rakshak is the best medicine.

There are several reasons to it – 100% natural, no side-effects, affordable, safe and effective. Manufactured by a mix of gurmar extracts and jamun giri, which are known to be effective in treating various blood, heart and cholesterol related problems, sugar rakshak is the best natural solution for blood sugar control.


Could diabetes be treated with Ayurvedic medicines?

Diabetes is considered as a silent killer. The fact that Ayurveda has classified diabetes into 20 types proves that it can be treated with ayurvedic treatments too. Ayurveda has always been a safe and efficient way to treat various ailments and diseases in humans. There are various herbs that are used to treat diabetes naturally, including Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia), Turmeric, Neem, Garlic, Gurmar leaves, Jamun Giri, etc.

A combination of Gurmar extracts and Jamun Giri are used to produce ‘Sugar Rakshak’, a natural way to treat diabetes naturally by Alliaance Biotech. It is really effective and 100% natural. It helps in controlling sugar cravings and promotes regeneration of pancreas. Also, it reduces body weight, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Do these herbs have any side effects?

Jod Rakshak contains natural compositions like Shilajit, Aswagandha and Shudh Guggal. All these herbs are being used by our forefathers to treat various ailments. And, Alliaance Herbal well understands the need of natural products in today’s chemical-based lifestyle. Keeping the health and safety of the people at the top priority, natural herbs have been used to make Jod Rakshak.

Since, all the compositions are 100% natural, Jod Rakshak does not have any side-effect. It can be taken by any one, of every age and society. Jod rakshak is completely safe and effective.


What is the best natural remedy for joint pain?

There are various natural remedies that can help you get reprieved of joint pain. Epsom salt, virgin olive oil, magnesium supplements, dandelion leaves, and many others. But, the best natural remedy popular today is the Jod Rakshak – a herbal remedy for joint pain.

It’s a joint pain reliever formula that heals the joint and muscular with warmth of herbs like Shuddha Guggal, Ashwagandha and Shilajit.

Jod Rakshak is 100% herbal, reliable and free from chemicals.

Jod Rakshak is an acclaimed herbal remedy for joint pain. It offers complete treatment of disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. It is the perfect solution for weak joint flexibility and even helps you regain it. Jod Rakshak greatly helps in building up the weak muscles and ligaments. If you have inflammation in the joints, Jod Rakshak will cure it too. With reduction in pain, it also boosts bone and joints strength. Moreover, the main cause of Joint pain today, i.e. obesity or over weight can also be controlled by Jod Rakshak.


I have really bad joint pain. What can I take?

Having severe pain in the joint is really troublesome. It sometimes becomes difficult for the affectant to even get up and walk. In such a case, taking Jod Rakshak – an effective pain reliever is highly recommended.

Jod Rakshak is a natural remedy that helps in healing your joint and get instant relief from joint pain. Not only is it effective for joint pain, but it also delivers relief in muscle pain. The best part about Jod Rakshak is that it is made from natural ingredients that have been used for treating joint pains since years. The key ingredients it contains are Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Shudh Guggal. It also helps in reducing inflammation and strengthening muscles and ligaments. Because of its proved results, it has become the safest and most cost effective solution to fight body pains including joint pain, muscular pain, arthritic, osteoporosis, etc.

Other than this, you should take proper rest at home with regular exercise and yoga to further feel relaxed.


What causes joint pain in the human body?

Joint pain is the feeling of discomfort or soreness in the joints of the body. It is generally caused by injuries or some disease of the joint or adjacent tissues. Joint pains can be severe sometimes and can occur with or without movements. The acute pain can even limit the movements, sometime.

Joint Pain is also described by inflammation, soreness, increased warmth or burning, or stiffness.
Joints are made up of cartilage, ligaments, bursas (fluid-filled sacs that help cushion the joint), and the synovial membrane (lining of the joint capsule that secretes synovial fluid to lubricate the joint). When any of these supporting structures become irritated or inflamed, you feel joint pain.

Joint pains may either last briefly or it may get chronic. Joint pain is caused due to several reasons. Sudden joint pain is caused due to a mild muscle or ligament sprain, or a dislocation. On the other hand, chronic joint pain can be a symptom of serious and life-threatening conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or bone cancer.