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Alliaance Biotech reaches 5th Annual International Pharmaceutical Conference

Alliance Biotech actively participated at the 5th Annual International Conference and exhibition (SPER 2016).

Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research [SPER] organized its two days annual meet for the session 2015-2016 in Chandigarh. This 5th Annual International Conference and Exhibition was held on 4th-5th March at the Chandigarh College of Pharmacy, Landran, Chandigarh. The theme of the conference was “Imparting Innovative Knowledge and Translational Research towards Public Health Care. The prime focus of the conference was on the budding pharmacist, professionals and pharmaceutical companies to cater a competitive and effective health solution the society.

Among the various Pharmaceutical brands that attended the conference, Alliaance Biotech also participated actively in the event. Alliaance Biotech is a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Northern India located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Not only this, the company also distributed free samples of their product, Jod Rakshak among the people to make them aware of its effectiveness. Jod Rakshak is a joint pain reliever that heals your joints and muscular pain with miraculous herbs.

The conference aimed at offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and getting all intellectuals from industry, academia and research institutions in the pharmaceutical sciences and other branches.

Alliance Biotech Honored at the Indian Pharma Expo Award 2015


Alliaance Biotech awarded with Business Excellence Award at the Indian Expo Award 2015.

Delhi, 25th October 2015. The 4th edition of the Indian Pharma Expo Award 2015 held on 24th October 2015 brought offerings for Alliaance Biotech this year. The renowned pharmaceutical company in northern India was awarded with the Business Excellence Award 2015 for the efforts and innovations it made in process and formulation.
The two days expo was organized in New Delhi by UBM Medica India Pvt. Ltd. The event provides an opportunity for the contributing pharmaceutical companies to showcase their products & services to the visitors from pharma and healthcare industries globally. The expo aimed at bringing together the eminent personalities from various sectors of pharma, non-pharma and healthcare industries.

Highlights of IPE-2015

The expo showcased the latest trends and technologies in pharmaceuticals, drugs and formulations. In addition, the expo also aimed at honoring the companies for their innovations, achievements and efforts the made in the pharma industry in the past one year.

About Indian Pharma Expo

The Indian Pharma Expo is a pharmaceutical industry event creating enormous space with the presence of pharmaceutical manufacturing services, software companies, pharmaceuticals wholesale and distribution services, pharmaceutical technologies, chemicals and compounds, ayurvedic and herbal products, pharmaceutical franchises and other related services. This event brings together leading drug manufacturers and suppliers at a common stage and allows the exhibitors to enhance their business and networking. The event also presents latest trends of technologies and products of the industry.

Alliaance Biotech reaches the Indian Pharma Expo, 2015


Alliaance Biotech is all set to represent its efficient herbal products at the popular pharmaceutical exhibition, Indian Pharma Expo, 2015.

Like every year, the Indian Pharma Expo (IPE) has come up with yet another pharmaceutical event this year, which is being organized in New Delhi. Among the top pharmaceutical brands in the country, Alliaance Biotech – a renowned herbal pharma company in Northern India is all set to participate actively in the upcoming event.

The Indian Pharma 2015 event will begin on 24th October 2015 in New Delhi with its venue set at the Pragati Maidan. It’ll be a two day event in which top-notch pharma companies from all over the country will represent themselves.

Indian Pharma Expo 2015 is a pharmaceutical industry event that is organized every year. It aims at providing an opportunity for the participating companies to exhibit their products & services to the gamut of people, globally from healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This two day expo will bring eminent manufacturers and suppliers together from various sectors of pharma, non-pharma and healthcare industries.

IPE-2015 is one-stop platform for all those who are planning to expand their pharma or healthcare business through various channels of franchise and distribution. The event also strives to benefit wholesalers and medical representatives who seek to purchase bulk products on concessional rates.

With the sole purpose to represent the health benefits of all its herbal products for the well-being of the nation, Alliaance Biotech ( has also decided to mark its presence in the event this year. The company has already booked its stall in the event and will be available at the BOOTH NO. 26. The stall of Alliaance Biotech at the event is designed in a way to offer the visitors a space where they could participate in discussion or put forward their health or product related queries.

The two day event is certainly a big venture for the Alliaance as the company is expected to be awarded for their active involvement in the Pharmaceutical and herbal medical industry. However, the news is yet not confirmed officially.

The IPE 2015 highlights:

  • Showcasing the latest trends and technologies in pharmaceuticals, drugs and formulations.
  • Expecting to witness approx.10, 000 visitors’ footfall.
  • Main focus on displaying latest pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment, software technology for pharma industry & management etc.
  • Meetings with manager and BDMs who are looking for new supplies, entering into new ventures, or building strategic partnerships.
  • The expo will feature international and pharma machinery pavilion.

We wish the IPE as well as Alliaance Biotech good luck for the success of their upcoming event. Hope, the event will be beneficial for the brands and the visitors.

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New Special Pack of 300 Jod Rakshak Capsules Available on Alliaance Herbal!!


The renowned pharmaceutical company in Northern India- Alliaance Herbal has come up with a new offer to promote strength in the people.

October 2015, Chandigarh, India. Alliaance Herbal, a distinguished company in the herbal medications, is in the headlines because of its ‘healthy’ offer for all its customers! This time it is because of its ultimate product -“Jod Rakshak.”

Jod Rashak is a herbal treatment for treating joints and related ailments. Whether it is arthritis or knee pain, Jod Rakshak is believed to treat it all very effectively. Within a short span of time, the product has earned popularity as an effective joint pain relief in the Northern regions of India.

Jod Rakshak is completely natural and has its constituents as the ancient ‘jadi-butis’ including Ashwagndha, ShudhhGuggal and Shilajit. These herbs have been used by the ancient sages in India to treat joing and muscle related problems. Being entirely herbal, Jod Rakshak is 100% safe, effective and has no side-effects, unlike other steroid-based medications.

Seeing the ever-increasing popularity and demand of Jod-Rakshak, the manufacturers decided to launch a special pack of 300 Jod Rakshak capsules that are available only on the company website. The manufacturers are solely focused on the health and fitness of the people and hence the offer has been launched. Just two capsules a day and your joint pain will vanish away!

Alliaance Herbal is a prominent pharmaceutical company in India and is a well-known Manufacturer and supplier of standardized Pharmaceutical finished products. The experts at Alliaance Biotech include herb specialists, R&D professionals, formulation experts, and quality controllers. Their efforts and expertise assures safe and effective medication, according to the Schedule-M norms and WHO norms. They strongly believe that the present lifestyle of people, expensive treatments and treacherous medication inspired them to develop the herbal health solutions.

Just like Jod Rakshak, other herbal products by Alliaance Herbal include Sugar Rakshak (for diabetes), UVA Gold and UVA capsules.

It seems to be a great offer for all, especially those who have tried hard to getting treated their joint and body pain and have gained nothing. Hope this offer comes up as a life-changing opportunity for both, the company and the affectants…. Definitely in a positive way!

About Alliaance Herbal

Alliaance Herbal founded by Mr. Shiv Kumar Gupta and Mr.Yashpaul Singla located in Baddi, village Katha, Tehsil Nalagarh, District Solan Himachal Pradesh towards Sai Road Baddi. The firm built the premises to suit the Schedule-M norms and WHO norms attained the manufacturing License in accordance with the aforesaid norms. The firm is licensed to manufacture the Drugs Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, Injections (Dry & liquid), Hormone’s Tablets and injections. Alliaance Herbal is ISO 9001:2008, head office located at Chandigarh, with activities mainly in the manufacturing Pharmaceutical finished products.

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Turn Your Body Slimmy Slim with Slimex!

Getting slimmer is no more a tough task today. With myriads of options available claiming to offer the best results, a revolutionary solution has made its way. Alliaance Biotech has launched it’s yet another remarkable product by the name SLIMEX for all those who are struggling in the gyms and surviving on oats. Slimex is known to be a tough contender for the other weight loss agents in the market.

“Cut Down extra weight and add up more life,” says the manufactures of Slimex. They further add, “Weight reduction was never as simple as it is now with the help of Slimex. Say ‘good- bye’ to extra pounds and ‘hello’ to good health.”

Slimex is expected to be a revolutionary product by Alliance team that works by modulating the molecular mechanism of the body to control weight and cholesterol, naturally. By binding the lipids, it reduces their absorption significantly, preventing them to get accumulate and affects the bodyweight. It is believed to be the easiest and safest method to control your weight.

Alliaance Biotech – a renowned name in the field of natural pharmacy was founded by Mr. Shiv Kumar Gupta and Mr.Yashpaul Singla. The company built the premises to suit the Schedule-M norms and WHO norms and attained the manufacturing License according to the aforesaid norms. Alliaance Biotech is licensed to manufacture the Drugs Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, Injections (Dry & liquid), Hormone’s Tablets and injections. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified with its head office located at Chandigarh, and are actively reputed with activities mainly in the manufacturing Pharmaceuticals finished products.

Alliaance has already made its name with its products like Jod Rakshak (Natural remedy for arthritis and join pain), Sugar Rakshak (natural solution for diabetic patients), UVA Capsules (for increasing physical stamina, learning and memory power) and UVA Gold (a complete health care solution). A noticeable attribute of the Alliaance Biotech product is that all the products are 100% natural because of the composition of natural herbs and no chemical, which makes them reliable, safe and effective. Another thing is that, unlike other pharmaceutical companies, they do not charge much.

This amazing natural drug is made available to you by Alliaance at just Rs 250/. Visit the site and know more about this effective weigh loss remedy. Hope, Slimex will to be appreciated and accepted by the people as its other products.

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Alliaance Biotech website design: boosting the online presence!

In the competitive era today, a strong web presence always counts. For the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medicinal industries, a user friendly and appealing website portrays the right message to the customers. It builds a strong communication link, which effectively attracts new patients and educate them.

Internet has significantly shortened the distance between the buyer and seller. Whatever industry you might belong to, education, IT, healthcare or fashion, the fact which remains the same is that an effective and efficient web presence is a must have. Having a website with your contact and product detail is no more sufficient. It asks for much more. Even the facts state that a company with a customized website is expected to grow by 40 percent faster as compared to others.

Looking forward to provide an ease to the customers, Alliance Biotech recently went through a complete makeover for its online presence.

Catering the needs and demands of the individuals, investors and professionals, an elegant and functional built up has been offered to the website. The platform has been changed to WordPress- one of the best CMS available. It now includes eye-catching and explanatory banners to provide the relevant information about the products and services at the first look.

Alliaance Biotech is known deliver high quality, integrated pharmaceutical finished products and the new version showcases them all, in the most ideal way. Moreover, now the users will find it easy to find the details of the required products, as they have been listed according to their category. It allows the patients from all over the globe to access relevant medical information, that too 24*7, 365 days.

This new professional, user friendly and attractive design of Alliaance Biotech, make it stand apart from the crowd.

Alliaance Biotech is all set for the two major corporate exhibitions of 2015

Participating in Global Exhibition on Services and Iphex 2015, Alliaance Biotech gears up to tap the potential for enhance business relationship and services.

Tuesday (14-04-15): The leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Alliaance Biotech, will now be seen actively participating in the two major corporate events of the year 2015. While the company has set bars of standard with peerless resources and expertise in delivering high end solutions for the users, it is now stepping ahead to reach the core of global world. For this, the company will be present at:

Global Exhibition on Services, 2015: Serving as a platform to showcase the strength of services sector in India, this exhibition will target different industries including IT, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Energy and Environment and many other. The participation is not constrained to India; around 40 countries will be a part of this event to be held at Pragiti Maidan from 23 to 25 April, 2015.

It will be organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) and Ministry of Commerce and Industry. There will be several seminars and B2B meetings. The main aim of GES is to draw the attention of global investors for investing in services sector India. For Alliance Biotech, it will be a great opportunity to augment their strategic cooperation and build up multilateral business relationships.

iPHEX 2015: Organized by the renowned Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India, this exhibition is to be held on 13-15th May, 2015. The venue of this mega event is the Bombay Exhibition Centre. It brings together the drugs, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, all at one place. More than 400 overseas buyers are expected to register their presence here. Thus, introducing the Indian pharmaceutical products and technologies to the global audiences, it will be one of the largest exhibitions ever. It will serve to be a huge platform for the Alliaance Biotech to trade with Indian and global companies.

Both the events will include quality deliberation on the issues of concern and will lead Alliance Biotech to the path of excellence. It will help to interact with the experienced global service sector players, leading to a rise in national and international trade in services.

About the company: To help improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the Global Health Care System, Alliaance Biotech has been working hard to make the world a better place to live. Being certified by ISO (ISO 9001:2008), GLP, GMP and Indian Drug Manufacturers Association, it is licensed to manufacture pharmaceutical products including Capsules, Liquid, Drugs Tablets, Injections (Dry & liquid), Hormone’s Tablets and injections.